The adventures of Chris, Martin, Aviva, Jimmy Z and Koki
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    Thank you for this, Rico.  That made my day.  x3



    Day 6: Favorite screenshot or Gif

    ashdjdfhgd there’s just so many, It’s gonna be huge…


    fav long Gif:


    Zach and Donita:


    Cutest Gif:


    Kratt bros:



    Donita and Martin:

    Aviva and Koki:

    And finally the gifset with more notes:



    Chef Gourmand

    I chose him because everybody hates this guy, but I like him. I think he does a great job as a villain…

    What I like about him:

    - I like the fact that he knows what he’s doing. he knows about the creatures he’s looking for, and he knows how to search for them.

    - I also…

    I don’t dislike Gourmand because he is a dangerous villain, actually I do like that he is. I dislike him because he creeps me out, but that’s what villains are supposed to do. So I guess what I’m saying is I like him as a villain, but I dislike him for being creepy. Does that make any sense?

    Yeah, of course that makes sense :3 The difference is that I like being creeped out XD 

    Day 5: Choose one character and write what you like and dislike about them.

    Chef Gourmand

    I chose him because everybody hates this guy, but I like him. I think he does a great job as a villain… 

    What I like about him:

    - I like the fact that he knows what he’s doing. he knows about the creatures he’s looking for, and he knows how to search for them.

    - I also like the classic-cartoon logic of his character:

    He’s the chef, therefore he must ALWAYS wear chef clothes, and he’s fat (even though he shouldn’t be, since he just eats refined meals he makes using endangered animals… he should be skinny as hell XD) But he’s also really acrobatic… and he has super powers like super-sense-of-smell and hiding-behind-a-tiny-tree.

    He also knows what he does is evil, and LOVES being evil. he speaks and laughs to himself and acts all freaky because he’s like CONSCIOUS he’s the villain XD!

    - And the third thing I like about Gourmand is the way he deals with the Wild Kratts’ attempts to stop him.

    His attacks are always the most macabre, he doesn’t just shove them over (well none of the three villains do, they always take a more personal action), he wants to have fun with their pain. He wants them to get stinged by hundreds of bees, or to get attacked by a lion, or get… eaten by millionaires? ._. 

    That’s what makes him a really dangerous villain. People often dislike him because of this, but I think this is what makes him interesting. He puts the bros in real danger, and he laughs about it, he doesn’t care if he kills them, he’s having fun, he’s really and authentically evil.

    And they managed to put this monster into a kids show. XD

    What I don’t like:

    - Well he wants to cook endangered animals XD but I’m kind of putting that aside since he’s supposed to be a villain.

    - He uses DOUGH as a weapon?! come ooon that’s not effective man, you are HUGE! you have knives!! you probably know kung-fu or something! XDD

    - He’s too slooooww he’s not supposed to be WAITING for the bros to frustrate his plan!

    …Or maybe he is

    (save that for the Headcannon question! XD)

    Day 4: Favorite recurring joke.

    I’ll have to choose Chris using Martin as subject for his experiments…

    (or bait for a giant racoon in this case..)

    It’s a classic, from their other shows as well, and it never gets old!

    It’s funny, And it’s also cute that Martin trusts him enough to let him do so XD

    Day 3: …And less often?

    Well there’s not much I don´t like… o-o

    However, the show does have this… time lapse issue…

    There’s the one we all know, when the bros actually hibernated during Voyage of the Butterflier XT  XDD

    Or the fact that Aviva makes the creature power discs in like 0,5 seconds in latest episodes…

    Or Zach’s Robo-Rhinos taking way too long to crash the Tortuga in Let the Rhinos Roll XD And Martin’s extremelly long fall in Kicking it with the ‘Roos (these are a cartoon’s classics, tho)

    And this one I realized in Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy, right after Martin saves Chris from getting eaten by a large mouth bass: bright daylight

    a couple of minutes underground and then


    then they go back down, Chris slips, Aviva and the crew build the worm vehicle WHILE CHRIS IS SLIDING DOWN, they deliver it, Chris drives it out and…

    It’s daytime again!

    Hahaha it’s not something that actually bothers me, but… yeah…

    number1lokilover said: Well I just thought Zach was just so wicked looking with his green eyes his dark clothes and his crazy skin problem! But I think he's funny now because he's so dumb

    Oh he is NOT pleased that you said he has a crazy skin problem! 

    he loves his skin that way! he keeps it pale because he hopes someday Tim Burton will hire him to make a movie.

    …but yeah, weird guy, huh?

    2. What do you think should happen on the show more often?

    I’d like to see more of: 

    -Lovely brotherhood moments (in every episode if it’s possible, thank you)

    -Chris getting kidnapped (twice isn’t enough)

    -Martin being dressed by someone else getting kidnapped

    -Aviva getting kidnapped XD

    -non-Kratt characters using creature power suits!! 

    -Adorable flashbacks


    -Discussions and confrontations (muahaha)

    -Chrizelle. there’s never enough Chrizelle.

    -Zach using Zachbot clones.

    -Dabio being useful (for EVIL)

    -Martin making art~~

    -Scenes that show them SLEEPING or EATING for a change XD!!

    -Inventions malfunctioning

    -Zach creating serious trouble!


    -Anyone being in great peril

    -silly and cute games

    etc etc I can’t thiink

    I’m really bad at this ain’t I? XD

    Day 1: Why do you like Wild Kratts so much?

    The following graphic should clear things up…


    Also… It’s the KRATT BROTHERS! I immediatelly recognized them from Zoboomafoo :3! one of my favorite shows as a child.

    And It’s not just good…

    It’s excellent!