The adventures of Chris, Martin, Aviva, Jimmy Z and Koki
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  • I’m making this Wild Kratts 14 day challenge

    prepare yourselves x3 I promise fun~~

    And no questions will be the same as Callie’s 30 day one, all new :3



    Anonymous said: Miss your gifs

    don’t worry I’m making gifs right now. Just wait a little x3

    number1lokilover said: IDK why but Zach used to scare me and everytime I saw him I would close my eyes. I'm not scared of him anymore because he's a weirdo and such a girl. Don't you agree?

    Why would you be scared of him?
    are you a homophobic he’s not very intimidating… XD

    Anonymous said: where do hippos live

    well hippos live in Africa, my friend, at swamps, rivers or lakes…

    but why do you ask me? I’m no expert ._. I just make gifs :3!