The adventures of Chris, Martin, Aviva, Jimmy Z and Koki
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  • Anonymous said: Here's your fellow Ian. And I returned to acknowledge that you're a web designer. In the first college that I attended, I took web design class. But unfortunately, I never graduated from that school because I got transferred to another college, where I remained until I graduated from it. Since you have more experience in web design than me, perhaps you could teach me how to be just as good of a web designer as you someday.

    I’m sorry, but I’m not a web designer, all I did was take some tumblr theme and change the colors and background haha

    Anonymous said: Because of the things that we have in common, I'm wondering if you'd be interested in moving from California to Wisconsin, which is where I live in. The reason I suggested that is because your interest in Wild Kratts inspired me to involve you in some creations that I'm thinking of making and are similar to WK. If you want to know how I know where you live in CA, I noticed that in your Twitter profile. In it, I also saw your face, which is how I saw some of your features.

    I live in Chile, but good luck on your project :3. 

    You may have a wrong twitter profile, my twitter is

    Anonymous said: It's me, the other Ian, again. And I'm back to inform you of these other things that we have in common: 1) We're young. 2) We have some Spanish blood. 3) We have short hair. 4) We wear glasses. 5) We're into technology. 6) We live in the United States. 7) We like Wild Kratts.

    1) yes 2) yes 3) yes 4) no?? I don’t 5) yeah? kinda? 6) no, I live in Chile 7) yeah

    Anonymous said: I'm back. And this time, I changed my mind about not putting anymore asks now that I saw that you allowed two of mine on here of last month. I also saw your real name in this website. And I'm certain that my first name is the same as yours and not Paula's because my mom gave it to me when I was born. About me registering on here, I hesitate to do that because of some things like paying for my account and other people using my info in case I delete my account. But maybe we can e-mail each other.

    ok first of all what website do you mean? because I’m certain my name is Paula haha

    Tumblr is free, and If you don’t want people using your info you can just not put any info…

    Anonymous said: I wasn't trying to spam this website of yours because I happen to like it (the site). And I didn't mean to overwhelm you with many questions. I was just trying to make this website of yours more interesting and share things that I learned about with you. Also, can you please not call me "dude" again? Instead, call me by my first name, which is the same as yours.

    I’m sorry, I just call everyone dude xD but I won’t anymore.

    I didn’t mean to be rude, It’s just that If you want to talk about your theories or opinions on the show, we could message each other, I’m fine with that, but I was worried that my followers would get tired of the asks… since when I first made the blog, It was pretty much just for posting gifs. I still enjoy the show and talking about it, even If I’m inactive most of the time, and there’s also plenty of other fans who like it, If you don’t have a tumblr I suggest you make one and join the fandom, post your opinions on the tag, and message me and the other fans without the anonymous filter, because it’s much more comfortable that way…

    Anonymous said: I see that you're not interested in doing anything more to this website. Oh well, that's your choice. If you're not interested in accepting anymore asks, fine with me.

    I’m sorry I hadn’t read your ask, I suppose you’re… Paula? (you said your first name was the same as mine but I don’t remember revealing mine? oh well, that’s it) I’m sorry it’s just that your last ask came just before some asks from people who think I make the show haha so I just ignored them…

    yeah I’ve been inactive but when I get the time I’ll make gifs again, since I’ve got the episodes now… 

    Anonymous said: I really believe that Aviva and Koki are best friends. Do you believe that too?

    yeah dude but please can you stop sending me so many asks? or at least go off anon so I can answer without spamming the blog… thanks

    Anonymous said: Do you suppose that La Tortuga gang will have one or more other members? If so, I wonder he, she, or they will be an Asian. And i suggested because I not only have that kind of nationality more than any other. I'm also interested in more than one Asian thing. In fact, WK (Wild Kratts) has a bit of an Asian feel in that it seems to be big on technology and nature. Besides, Aviva reminds me of Far Eastern people like me due to her brilliance, leadership, and love for nature and technology.

    If I’m not wrong some of the children that help the Kratt brothers are asian. It would be interesting to have another Tortuga gang member!

    Anonymous said: Since you asked me what couples I ship, I'll tell you: I don't ship any because it's too hard for me to pair any guy up with any gal, except maybe for Zach and Donita. But when it comes to the heroes of that show, I honestly don't know who can be who's sweetheart. But what about you? Which heroes would you pair up?

    oh, I ship Krattcest, Martin x Jimmy, Aviva x Jimmy, Donita x Martin and Donita x Zach

    Anonymous said: Which Wild Kratt character you similar to the most and how?

    whoops I answered this on your last question